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What display do I need?

Ford used two main types of displays for Sync 2 and Sync 3 vehicles; standard and recessed. The vehicle model you have determines what display you need. If you wanted to use the incorrect display in your vehicle (typically for owners who have recessed display vehicles wanting to save a bit of money) you can, however you would need to modify your screen brackets to get it to work.

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Standard Display Vehicles

2013+ Lincoln MKZ2015+ Lincoln MKC
2013+ Ford Fusion
2015+ Ford Mustang
2015+ Ford F-150
2013+ Ford Escape
2013+ Ford C-MAX
2015+ Ford Expedition
2012+ Ford Focus

Recessed Display Vehicles

2011+ Lincoln MKX
2013+ Lincoln MKT
2013+ Lincoln MKS
2013+ Ford Taurus
2011+ Ford Explorer
2011+ Ford Edge
2013-2014 Ford F-150
2013+ Ford F-250
2013+ Ford F-350
2013+ Ford F-4502013+ Ford F-5502013+ Flex