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Screen fitment and converting MKC and MKZ Vehicles

Unfortunately MKC and MKZ vehicles require a bit more work when converting. Due to the redesigned display, the existing screen brackets on your MKC or MKZ won't work right away. When removing the brackets you'll find that the yellow screen connector on the back of the display is in the way of the screen bracket on the left as well as a raised embossed section where the module mounts on the screen bracket on the right. To remedy this, you will need to trim of the bracket so that the bracket can properly seat and mount to the display.

Your conversion kit will include replacement updated brackets, if we have them available, they are not guaranteed. Please verify with us before purchasing if your conversion is dependent on receiving these brackets. If we don't have them available the order will ship without them and the bracket modification will need to be accomplished before the installation can be completed.