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A navigation fault message popped up on my display, what do I do?

To clear a navigation fault via a hidden menu, follow these directions:

  1. Hold the forward seek/skip song button on both your steering wheel and on the center dash for about 5 seconds. It will immediately start in test mode and will test all of your speakers. You can skip it or wait for it to complete.
  2. Once it's finished, click "testing settings" and scroll down to almost the bottom and click on "remove navigation fault"

If the fault comes back (especially if it happens right after installation) it's likely the antenna isn't connected properly. You will want to ensure the antenna connector is firmly connected to the back of the APIM module.

If you used an antenna that we didn't supply, and keep getting the error even after ensuring to make sure it's connected properly, the antenna most likely isn't compatible with Sync 3 (even though it has the proper connector). If the antenna has a slightly off voltage, resistance or bad grounding you'll get that message after start up (and typically it still should work afterwards but the message won't go away). You will need to replace the antenna at this point.