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Universal Basic Instructions (Sync 2 to Sync 3)


  1. Use a 7MM socket and remove the bolts holding the screen to the vehicle. Slowly pull the screen out, reach behind the display and start disconnecting the wires. Disconnecting the battery is not necessary, just make sure that the radio is off before you disconnect it. For the main vehicle wiring harness, push in the tab on the top/middle of the harness and pull the lever back, this will pull the connector out of the APIM. For the GPS antenna and the USB cord, push down the clip and SLOWLY wiggle the connector back and fourth until it loosens, then remove. The GPS antenna connector is fragile and can get damaged if you use a lot of force.
  2. Take the supplied GPS antenna and attach it somewhere inside your dash. Some vehicles have the original GPS antenna inside the dash (F-150 for example) and you can attach it to that. Just make sure that there’s no metal above the antenna so that it won’t interfere with reception. If you have a 2015+ vehicle it would be a good idea to disconnect your original GPS antenna or else you might have issues with your GPS icon flip flopping back and fourth.   
  3. Remove the screen brackets from the old screen and attach them to the new screen. If you’ve purchased a standard screen and you need a recessed screen for a direct fit, you will need to modify your screen brackets to get them to fit (drilling new holes typically). Otherwise, you just need to transfer them over. 
  4. Take your new Sync 3 display/APIM assembly and move it into place and reconnect all of the wiring. Re-install the 7MM bolts to secure the display to the vehicle. Keep the screen protector on the display until you’ve secured the display to the vehicle, the display screen is extremely fragile.
  5. Re-assemble your dash, going in reverse. Remember to re-connect all wiring. Be careful with those 7MM bolts, if you drop them while trying to screw them back in you might lose them inside the dash.
  6. Open your conversion kit (if purchased) and snap together the USB hub and the hub bezel. Use a pry tool to pop out your old USB hub, it’s held in with retention clips. Disconnect your old USB hub and remove it. 
  7. Connect the supplied hub harness to your vehicle and then connect that to your new USB hub. Slide the new USB hub into your vehicle until it snaps in. 
  8. Turn on your vehicle and let the system boot up. It’s important to go to the SETTINGS menu, click GENERAL then scroll to the bottom and click “Master Reset”, this should wipe the slate clean (don’t worry, your programming won’t be effected) so you won’t run into any weird glitches later.
  9. Enjoy your new Sync 3 infotainment system! If you run into any issues do another master reset. Then do a soft reset by holding down the power button and the forward seek button for 5-10 seconds until the radio shuts off and restarts.  If you continue to have problems please reach out to us for further assistance. Remove the climate/HVAC control panel surrounding your current display. Depending on your vehicle this can be extremely easy and straight forward (Escape) or it might take a few extra steps (F-150). Typically there’s around 4-6 7MM bolts that you will need to remove to disconnect the bezel and/or display screen however your vehicle may differ. To get to the bolts Ford/Lincoln uses retention clips to hold most of the dash together. Giving them a good tug usually will separate them. Plastic pry tools can also be used. Before pulling the bezel away from the dash be sure to disconnect any wiring for your controls.