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How do I update the software and/or maps?

Option 1 - Preferred Method

IMPORTANT: This procedure SHOULD NOT BE USED on 2020+ vehicles or modules from 2020+ vehicles. Doing this will result in bricking the module and it being unrecoverable. 

Not sure what year your module was from? If you remember the part number on the front of the module you can use that. The part number would look something similar to: HJ4R-14G370-ABC. In this example, the first letter signifies the year. G = 2016, H = 2017, J = 2018, K = 2019, L = 2020, M = 2021. If you purchased from us, you can always e-mail us and ask as well. We can look up your order for you. You'll need your order number or stock ID number.

Updating the software and/or maps on your APIM module is easy and free. Head on over to and download their program (windows only, if you are using a Mac you can use bootcamp or parallels to run Windows) and go through the steps as prompted. You'll enter in your vehicles information, Sync 3 version, etc. Then you'll select the Sync version you want to update to and maps version (if applicable). Click start and it will automatically download the files needed from the internet and install them on the flash drive for you. Once finished, all that you will need to do is insert it into your vehicle and wait about 15 minutes (non-navigation) or 25 minutes (navigation) for it to install. You'll want at least a 16GB flash drive to do this. 

Please note, once you're updated past SYNC 3.4.19274, you will need to downgrade your software before you're able to update it again.

Option 2 - Official Route

Alternatively, you can go the official route of updating the software by logging into your Ford Owner account (, adding the donor vehicles VIN from the sticker that was on the module when you received it and downloading and transferring the files to a flash drive. Ford supplies instructions on how to do this. This only updates the software, not the maps. To update the maps you would head on over to where you'll enter the donor vehicles VIN (NOT your VIN) to check for updates. In most cases Ford does charge you for map updates. In some cases they may be free for newer vehicles/hardware.

Option 3 - SimplyMichigan Infotainment Supplied USB Flash Drive

If you're intimated by this process and would rather have a USB flash drive prepared for you, we do have this service available for $39. It's purely a convenience though, everything being provided is something you can do for free yourself. For more information on this service, check out: