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What do I need exactly for my conversion?

This guide is intended to help steer you in the right direction and there may be exceptions to the parts mentioned below for your specific vehicle. We try our best to ensure that this list is accurate but we do sometimes make mistakes and we'll correct the list as we move forward. To source the few parts we don't carry, a good option would be to go to eBay. There are other routes you can take as far as harnesses go (like purchasing one from one of our competitors), but they do cost quite a bit more. With everything, please remember to read the description of what you're buying fully to ensure the part you're purchasing is actually he part you need. Surprisingly many people don't read the description when making purchases and go just by the title and pictures and this always ends badly. 

Other notes

  1. If you have the base radio in your vehicle (you don't have the 4" touch screen), converting your vehicle (if it's possible) would require an incredible amount of work, time and money. We don't have any experience with dash/harness swapping, etc.
  2. If you're following the guide below, keep the conversion kit selected unless it specifically states to remove it. Usually this means you only need a USB hub, in which case it would be cheaper for you to remove the conversion kit and add in the USB hub separately. The parts that would be included with the conversion kit are described right after the display. 
  3. Please remember, the lists below do not include the needed OBD2 programmer needed. Please see the overview support article for recommendations. 

2013-2014 Ford F-150 (4" Non-Touch Screen)

2015-2017 Ford F-150 (4" Non-Touch Screen, must have * and # buttons)

2018-2020 Ford F-150 (4" Non-Touch Screen, must have * and # buttons - We do carry this complete conversion kit in our store)

2017-2019 Ford Super Duty (4" Non-Touch Screen, must have * and # buttons)

2018-2020 Ford Super Duty (4" Non-Touch Screen, must have * and # buttons - We do carry this complete conversion kit in our store)

2015-2018 Mustang (4" Non-Touch Screen)

2019-2023 Mustang (4" Non-Touch Screen - We do carry this complete conversion kit in our store)

2013-2016 Fusion (4" Non-Touch Screen)

2017-2019 Fusion (4" Non-Touch Screen)

2020 Fusion (4" Non-Touch Screen)

2013-2023 Escape (all models)

2013-2018 C-MAX (all models)

2018-2022 Ecosport (4" Non-Touch Display)

2020-2023 Transit (4" Non-Touch Display - must have the 911 assist symbol on the upper right of display)

2011-2014 Edge (4" Non-Touch Display)

2015-2018 Edge (4" Non-Touch Display)

2015-2017 Expedition (4" Non-Touch Display)

2018-2021 Expedition (4" Non-Touch Display)

2011-2013 Explorer (4" Non-Touch Display)

2014-2016 Explorer (4" Non-Touch Display)

2013-2015 Flex (4" Non-Touch Display)

2016-2019 Flex (4" Non-Touch Display)

2014-2018 Focus (4" Non-Touch Display)

2013-2019 Taurus (4" Non-Touch Display)