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Solution: Tinted display (polarized sunglasses)

A portion of our supply of replacement digitizers (about 50%) that have been available to us for the last year has had one (significant to some) issue: a tinted/dark display while wearing polarized sunglasses. This is caused by the digitizer being polarized horizontally instead of vertically; resulting with the display being tinted while looking at it normally (it goes away if you tilt your head 90 degrees). 

While this problem isn't an issue for most, it can be quite annoying for some who wear polarized sunglasses while they drive. As far as we know, there's only one manufacturer who creates these replacement digitizers so our options are limited as to what we can use.

Fortunately one our customers (thanks Melvin!) discovered a clever workaround to solve this problem; apply a cheap tempered glass screen protector. By adding this tempered glass screen protector it flips the light 90 degrees (or so we think, we're not scientists) so that it enters the sunglasses normally, giving you a normal, non-tinted, result.

Before and after: