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My display screen is flickering

There may be a couple reasons why it may appear that your display "flickers"

As a good measure, if you're having an issue with your infotainment system, always try resetting it first (by doing a master reset and soft reset together). Instructions on how to do these resets can be found here:

Reason 1. Sometimes the screen may appear to be flickering at dawn or dusk, driving in and out of tunnels, etc. This may happen at any time when the vehicle is going from a light to dark environment, if the light is just right where the system doesn't quite know what theme to use (dark vs light) or if the light sensor on your dash is obstructed by a hat, radar detector, etc. Sometimes your display will shift between light and dark modes quickly making it look like the display is flickering. This is just a (rather annoying) characteristic of Sync 3. 

Reason 2. Some modules may have issues with certain builds of 3.4 before 21194. If you've ruled out reason 1 for the cause of the flickering you should update the module to 3.4.21194. This build has a specific fix to resolve the issues with flickering on modules with certain vehicles. For more information on how to update your module, please refer to our other support article:

Reason 3. Very rarely a display may be malfunctioning, if we've ruled everything else out a replacement may be your next option. Please contact us for further assistance.